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Public Safety/Criminal Justice

  • Public Safety + Criminal Justice
    I will work to foster a strong, healthy relationship between our community and law enforcement. By listening to community concerns, needs, and aspirations, I will work with legislators to ensure County residents feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods. I believe that with adequate resourcing, training, and community welfare centered policing, we can, as a community of concerned residents and police officers, address violent crime, safe passageways, and the array of challenges that are disruptive to our safety and wellbeing. 
  • Education
    Our children’s education is paramount. We must ensure that children receive an education that will give them the skills needed to compete and be successful in our society. This includes access to quality teaching professionals who are adequately compensated to foster trusting relationships with students (and their families) in facilities that are suitable for learning. I will work diligently to hear from parents, students, and community members on an on-going basis to consider ways to address and resource many of the challenges and barriers to the high quality education Prince George's County students deserve.  
  • Healthcare
    High quality, affordable healthcare is a basic human right that should be afforded to every American, regardless of their ability to pay. I will fight for healthcare for every Prince Georgian, especially those who suffer from conditions that disproportionately impact African Americans such as asthma, diabetes mellitus and hypertension. I will also fight to make mental health careaccessible to every Prince Georgian. I also support legislation to create a statewide insurance program that provides 12 weeks of family and medical. We deserve better!
  • Improving Infrastructure
    I will work to ensure our infrastructure is improved so that we have well maintained, safe and energy efficient public buildings, roads,sidewalks and highways.
  • Veterans
    Our Veterans should have access to the benefits they have earned: High quality healthcare, disability compensation benefits, vocational rehabilitation benefits, VA home loans and access to education benefits.

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