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Jason Lewis was born and raised in the Dixville neighborhood of Brunswick, Georgia. This tight knit community nestled in the coastal marshlands of South Georgia was the backdrop to a childhood filled with neighbors dropping by, cookouts, streets teaming with children riding bikes, playing freeze tag, and weaving in and out of homes, and a vibrant church life that was the heartbeat of the community. 

After his parents’ divorce at the age of 6, both parents went on to marry separately with his father later becoming an active member of his church and a local leader in the Brunswick community. Jason’s mother, now a single parent, relying on Section 8 housing, food stamps,

and free school lunches to get by, held two jobs. She was employed as medical assistant and ran a consignment shop in town. Working long hours to provide her three children with as much stability and support as she could. 

Moving from house to house, based on what was affordable at the time, Jason gained a sense of “Home” in the bonds he formed with his family and neighbors. The constraints, pressures and hardships known by those who have experienced poverty wove the fabric of Jason’s childhood and his surrounding community. His grandmother, affectionately known as “Gy”, was a part of that fabric. She patched holes for him and his brothers in the day to day. Making sure she was there to care for them while his mother worked, somehow making meals out of nothing, telling old family stories, and always keeping a sharp sense of humor as she went about the diligent work of tending to her family and her colorful flower garden. Jason would recall his grandmother opening her doors to welcome neighborhood kids in on hot days to buy cherry Kool-Aide Freeze cups and candy. Jason learned that it wasn’t just about the extra dollars she needed to make with this arrangement, but the connections she was building with the surrounding children and families that created the meaningful relationships she had within her community. 

It was in these early days, where a neighbor would lend his mother a helping hand by fixing their sink, or the church they attended provided resources to help meet their basic needs, that Jason grew to know and benefit from the family and community that invested in his wellbeing. He recognized that this is what he wanted to do for others.  

Jason would recall his mother telling him that “hard work pays off”. That in a world filled with inequity, social injustices, risks, and rewards, there was the imperative to never grow weary of doing Good. His mother would instill in Jason the importance of standing for what is Good and Just, even if it was uncomfortable, unpopular, or not self-advantageous. Jason’s mother encouraged him to pursue education as a means to break the cycle of poverty, but ultimately to equip him with the skills to be able to do the work she believed he was called to do - to serve, invest in, and to empower people. 


For what Jason’s mother and grandmother could not provide for Jason and his brothers tangibly, they made up for with the intangible. Bestowing encouraging words or a stern cautionary piece of advice, they modeled the work ethic and character it takes to endure and flourish despite adversity. In doing so, they demonstrated the centrality of living with strong faiththat leads with unconditional love. 

These people and circumstances of influence, woven with Jason’s strong sense of life purpose to be in the service of others, would be foundational and light Jason’s path into his future pursuits in public service.

The future began to take shape for Jason as he graduated from the prestigious Glynn Academy in 2001 and attended Valdosta State University where he majored in political science. It was at university where his love for public service began as he served as a senator in the University’s Student Government Association. Jason’s hardworking and engaged approach to serving the senate and students was received with enthusiasm by students and faculty alike, propelling his political trajectory in the Student Government. He was elected and re-elected as Student Body President where he led initiatives to improve campus safety, fight budget cuts, and ensure student representation in the university administration’s endeavors. During his tenure, Jason gained invaluable experience working with state political leaders including Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue on issues pertaining to Georgia’s state-wide proposed budget cut’s impact on higher education. These cuts centered around the heart of the student education experience – safe well-lit parking areas, updates to dorm facilities, and the provision of nutritious meals at dining halls were issues addressed. While some cuts were instituted, the severity of the cuts was lessened due to the advocacy and collaboration that took place between Jason with peer Student Government President representatives and Georgia state legislatures. During his time in university, Jason sought additional avenues of public engagement. He was initiated into the Mu Omicron chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated where lifelong connections were made and his love for service was further accelerated. Jason graduated in 2005 from Valdosta University with a Bachelor of Arts in political science and in 2006 with a Master of Public Administration. It was during his undergraduate program where Jason spent a semester in the Eastern European nation of Czech Republic gaining firsthand knowledge the tole decades of war, religious persecution and Soviet aggression has had on the nation’s people. Jason received a perfect 4.0 grade point average for his studies while in Europe.

Upon graduation, Jason began his career with the Federal Government in 2008, working for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in Atlanta, Georgia. After receiving a promotion to work for VA in Washington DC, he moved to Prince George’s County Maryland in January 2013. Over the past 14 years Jason has had the honor of serving Veterans and Service members all over the world. He has provided support to Veterans through his work here in the United States at military installations including Fort Hood, Fort Stewart, Fort Carson Camp Pendleton, Travis AFB, Coast Guard Alameda Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and abroad at Ramstein AFB, Vilseck (Germany), Sembach (Germany) and South Korea. 

His work over many years has inspired personal growth and perspective through the connections he has established with many people and the learnings he has gained from interacting with diverse cultures throughout his travels to over 30 countries around the world. Through assisting veterans, Jason has had the opportunity to serve in the mission of investing into the lives of people. Helping Veterans gain the skills and access to employment opportunities that improve their lives and the wellbeing of their families and communities. While serving as a Program Manager, Jason has managed a skill bridge program designed to assist transitioning Servicemembers in finding jobs within the federal government. In this work, Jason has demonstrated effective leadership skills with his teams to support Service members with training and employment resources they need to continue their service to the nation. To date he has assisted over 1500 military Service members find federal employment in 48 states.  In addition to improving the lives and livelihoods of Veterans. Jason has demonstrated acumen for enhancing financial outcomes. Through developing the program within the VA from


the ground up, in collaboration with numerous government organizations, the implementation of this program has resulted in millions cost savings to the federal government. Jason has taken a proactive approach to advocating for and enhancing outcomes for Veterans. Jason is a candidate who is driven by the desire to serve. He believes that every Prince George’s County resident deserves a community in which their children can receive high quality public education, all individuals have timely access to affordable healthcare services, people’s safety is supported by strong and just working relationships with law enforcement, and infrastructure is improved to ensure safe and energy efficient roads, public buildings, sidewalks, and interstate highways. Jason Lewis will serve the people of Prince George’s County first, listen well, and respond with his established proactive approach to achieving results. He is running to represent Prince George’s County District 26 on the Democratic Central Committee At - Large because he believes that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to

achieve their God given dreams.

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